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Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Wedding

May 23! It finally came. Around may first we were already counting down the hours and there were a lot of them. It seemed like it would never come and time would drag on forever. Finally, I woke up on that saturday morning and couldn't believe that it was my wedding day. I would be mrs. zwygart. I met Joel at the temple and we were sealed for time and all eternity. The whole time we were both just waiting for it to be over so we could hug and be alone. Our ring ceremony and reception were Beautiful! We're so glad that so many of our family and friends could come and share this with us. Immediately following our reception we headed to the air port for our honeymoon. We caught a 6:45 flight to seattle and from there a red eye flight to orlando. Our first night married was on an air plane, woo hoo. Finally we got to orlando and had to wait another 3-4 hours for our transportation to arrive. We napped in the food court, haha. Finally at 3pm Sunday afternoon, we were able to load our cruise ship and crash in our room. We were exhausted from all of our traveling. We were very happy with our honeymoon choice of going on a cruise. It was a 7 day trip and we stopped in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, and Mexico. We had so much fun! In Haiti, we went on a zip line called the Dragons Breath Zip Line. It is the longest zip line in the world, over water. At first we both thought it would be scary, but it was so beautiful that it just takes your breath away and you stare at the ocean and scenary. I hated Jamaica. The people there are very pushy and in the end, we would just pay them to leave us alone. It drove me crazy. We were only on the island for an hour total is my guess. Bob Marley is their hero, though. You'd see his picture every where and on everything. The Grand Cayman Island was a lot of fun too. While we were there we had the chance to go parasailing. It's always interesting to try new things and of course our honeymoon is a chance to splurge on new things. While in Mexico we had the chance to drive a dune buggy for a tour around the island we were on. Our tour guide's name was Tito. He took us to a secluded beach and showed us some of the small town shopping areas that are a little less tourist-like. Joel and I bought a hand made blanket that is gorgeous. It has the aztec calendar on it and is our wedding colors. We got a good deal on it. We also discovered that I'm the haggler and not Joel. He's not aloud to talk. :) We also went snorkeling on our dune buggy trip. It was so much fun to swim with all the fish and see sting rays! We concluded the trip with me getting a whole head of braids. (gotta do it at least once! not my thing though) I had a blast with my husband on that trip. It has also been a lot of fun to build our home together. We are finally getting some furniture too! Our bed went from on the floor to having a frame and being on top of these bed prop things that make it so we can fit stuff under our bed. The first morning we both went to get up for work and were shocked at the distance to the floor. It was a fun little suprise. We've also gotten some book shelfs, a few chairs, night stands, and side tables. Free stuff rocks my world! Thank you to all the people who have given us stuff. Tomorrow will be our 1 month anniversary. It has been a fun and crazy trip learning the little things about each other that make us different. I have honestly loved it too. What type of dishwasher detergent to buy, tissues, what foods are good, how to pay for things, what a savings account is for.. those are just a few of the fun things. I've loved it though. We have had a wonderful 1 month of marriage and hope to have many more!!!