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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby blog #1

So I've decided to start reporting the interesting (or weird) things that happen during my pregnancy. I've started to notice how BIG Bentley is getting. When I lay on my back there is this very defined lump. Sitting up in bed has become more of a chore. When they say you should roll onto your side and then push up... no joke... Trying to just sit up in bed is like trying to do your 100th sit up in a work out. EFFORT. (Plus the doc/nurse really try to tell you to not do that. You try breaking a 21 year habit) It's also kinda fun to watch Bentley move now. He is super active right now which gives me positive and negative feelings. A) It's so new to see your stomach move on it's own and in no particular pattern but B) When he gets going, it makes my stomach sick. Laying in bed trying to fall asleep is his new favorite time to kick mommy. Like he's saying "wake up woman, I've slept all day." haha. The oddest of new things to report is a dream I had. I've always had really strange dreams but it seems that lately they are always about babies or children. This last one, I had baby early. But the real suprise was that there were 2 more in there that the doctor didn't catch. So I had 3 babies. AND the really confusing part was that one of them was black and I was trying to figure out how to convince Joel that they were all his... even the black baby. But 2 of them died..? And I held one and when you sat it up, it's eyes were open. When you layed it down they closed... like those dolls do... seriously. I wasn't sad about them dying either which was weird. So then someone hands me Bentley (infant, minutes old, bentley) and he's crying. So I go into the other room to calm him down (? don't know why) and my niece Ukiah is in the room. So what happens next... Bentley sits up and yells at her about how stupid her name is and yells profanities. The whole time I'm trying to stop him and I'm crying because my baby came out mean. Very mean baby. I think I woke up after this and was mad at Bentley. I told Joel that night that that whole day I didn't want him anymore because he was going to be mean. haha. I didn't mean it of course, but sometimes your feelings from a dream has its way of staying with you a while. So there you go- tripletts, black baby, and mean talking baby.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday

Well, yesterday,  May 5th was my birthday. I had a wonderful day. It started with calls from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you Ukiah for being 3 and making me laugh. My second phone call of the morning was from Kim and Ukiah. Ukiah asked me if I had gotten any presents for my birthday and I told her yes. She asked me what... so of course I tell her a camera (beautiful new camera from mom and dad, thanks!) and some cards(forgetting the beautiful tulips my husband had given me, sorry honey). She said," that's it!? Only TWO presents?! I got lots of toys for my birthday." Afterwards Kim got back on the phone and told me her eyes got really big from the shock. It was a good laugh. I absolutely love my new digital camera. Thank you to everyone who called, texted or left me a message on facebook. So my day continued with going to my mom's work and having lunch with her. It was a celebratory pizza and salad. School lunch, you never left me hungry- thanks. 
After lunch I headed to Boise to check out Archivers and buy myself a couple things. After that I got to see megan and bob's new kitten, Larry. Tiny little guy still.

I got lucky too because usually on Wednesdays (which is the day my b-day fell) Joel has a class that starts at 6pm so he doesn't usually get home until 8 or so... but lucky me... Last week was the last time he had to go to this class so he got home early. Yea. We got ready to go out to dinner and I took a few pictures of us before we headed out.

This one was my favorite of both of us. You can even see the beginnings of Bentley showing. That tummy sure doesn't look like my regular self. It's definitely weird to see myself from other people's point of view. At least I look pregnant now and not just fat like I did a few weeks ago. (22.5 weeks pregnant here)
This picture I really liked because I was setting the timer on the camera and taking practice pictures to make sure we'd both fit in the frame. Going back through the pictures later that night I discovered that Joel had been posing for them :) Silly husband.

We went to Wingers for dinner and got free dessert at the end because... of course, a birthday. I'm almost annoying myself how many times I've said birthday so far, haha. At any rate the ice cream cake was delicious! Joel and I took a while getting that down because we had gotten so full from dinner. But needless to say.. that cake was not wasted. It's amazing the portions they give too. Joel and I figured that they either cut the dessert in fourths or fifths, because it was huge!

Once we left Wingers we went to Hollywood video to rent a movie. At the check out we discovered that I was able to get a free movie because- you guessed it.. I was celebrating :) To end our money spending for the night, but not quite conclude, we went to Coldstone and got ice cream. Yum yum. The very end of our date was spent in our in-laws hot tub. Ohhh so nice. (And don't worry.. I listened to my body and didn't stay in too long to hurt baby) It was a wonderful 21st birthday spent with my husband.