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Monday, October 22, 2012

October almost over?! Already?

So much time passes between my posts, that it feels like there is an overwhelming amount of information to share. -But- I'm going to keep it simple this time.

Firstly, Bentley is learning to say sentences. It's adorable. The first sentence he said that wasn't repeating what Joel or I said was while we were driving home from church. I said "I'm HUNGRY, I'm going to eat a sandwich!" and Bentley said "I'm going to eat a sandwich too!"... Joel and I looked at each other with that "awwwwww!" look. Our baby is growing up.

Secondly, Jetta is practically 4 months old now. I can't believe it! Things about Jetta: She is a big time talker! She likes to suck her thumb and fingers despite my attempts to stop her and give her a pacifier. (My thought is, I can take a pacifier away, I can't take her thumb away... But it appears I am losing this battle.) She is snuggley (yay!) And she sure doesn't mind eating either. The girl is already close to 17lbs!! Considering that her 2 year old brother is 26lbs, I think she is quite the chunk! But I love it!

Christmas is coming and I'm trying to think of what to give the kids. I want to make Bentley a quiet book for church. My goal is to starting the planning of exactly what pages to make.  Then, when I start, I want to do at least 1 page a week until Christmas. I think it's a reasonable goal. So wish me luck!

We also just took family pictures with my parents and sister. Here are some of my favorites.