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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exciting updates...

Well Joel and I have settled on a name for our little boy. Baby Bentley. It was amazing how real everything became once I could refer to our baby by his name. I couldn't help but feel unattached to this baby that was inside of me that I couldn't see growing or feel moving. It was unreal if you could imagine. BUT.. now we have a name AND a couple days ago I felt Bentley kick with my hand!! Joel and I were getting ready for bed and I was rubbing lotion on my tummy and could feel that he was moving around. So.. I held my hands on my tummy thinking no way will I be able to feel it. And then I did! And it was so cool. Almost immediately I doubted that I had really felt anything and then he kicked again. It is the weirdest but coolest thing. Joel is jealous and really wants to be able to feel baby move. It's still early, but I think definitely within the next couple weeks he will have his turn.

Otherwise we are doing well. Joel just got a promotion at work and is finally off the phones doing customer service. He is so much happier and we are both really grateful for the pay raise. Life just keeps getting better and better :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the big news is revealed! It's a BOY :)

For those of you who I haven't told personally, I apologize. Joel and I were trying very hard to keep the baby's gender a secret until we could tell the family. We found out on April 1st that our little bundle is a boy. I looked at the screen and there was no doubt in my mind that we're having a little boy. He was wiggling all over the place and doing little flips for us. At our very first ultrasound (just over two months along) the doctor was checking to a) confirm we were indeed pregnant and b) see how far along baby was and set a due date. At that time he told us baby was still small so he set us back a week from what we thought we were. We had to do 10 weeks twice... it was a bummer! The reason I bring this up is because at this last ultrasound, doc said that once again our little one was smaller than what my new set due date is. Only by a few days I guess, but I'm wondering if we're going to have a small little boy. It doesn't worry me because I know that doctors try to keep all babies in one general "this is where your baby should be." He said everything else looked good; heart, tummy, brain and spinal fluids... so no reason to worry about him yet.

As for me- I'm starting to feel pregnant. And by that I mean that my stomach is getting bigger and after I eat I definitely feel like I need to wobble to keep the pressure off my stomach area. (otherwise it is very uncomfortable) Of the 3 pounds I have gained so far, baby is a whole .5 pound of it. I'm also starting to feel like my skin is not big enough for him anymore. Imagine trying to stuff a a body pillow into a plastic grocery bag... it just doesn't fit... that's how I'm starting to feel. A little overstuffed haha. People still tell me they don't think I look pregnant yet, but I CAN tell! I ran into a friend yesterday who said they thought I had miscarried because I wasn't showing very much for being almost 5 months prego. Compliment? I think so?

Other than that, life is going well. We're getting settled into our new place here in Nampa. I LOVE it! It's so close to family and bigger! I'm loving the third bedroom. Baby's room is coming along. He has a few outfits and diapers in the closet, a dresser, nightstand, and crib. So most of the big furniture is covered. Everytime I pop by the baby section at store I have to force myself to put things back because who knows what we'll get at the baby shower. I anxiously wait for it :) It's like a big party for ME (not joel) and I get all these presents to open and be excited to play dress up on my baby. Joel hates it when I even joke that our little boy will be a momma's boy and not a "manly mans" boy. haha... So anxious for him to arrive. Names picked out? ha! Boy names are so hard... suggestions are SO welcome! Hopfully we'll have something picked out before he's born.