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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

34 days

I have been struggling through some rough days this past month! I'm so happy to finally say I'm feeling a lot better! My shingles are gone, but have been replaced by something that looks like chicken pox. The "chicken pox" are healing, and I have had 4 nights of great sleep! My leg and back only itch occasionally and I'm in much better spirits these days! 34 days... that is a long time. I hope to never have shingles ever ever ever again!

On a brighter note, Joel and I are going to sell our home. We've started the process of cleaning the house up, painting, re-touching, caulking, etc.. to prepare our home to be sold. It's starting to look spiffy. Technical term, yes. :) I'm hoping to be out of our house before summer is in full heat. And for two reasons- 1. I don't want to move when it's so hot. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading... not fun if you're sweaty and hot. 2. Our house has air conditioning, but it doesn't work as efficiently as it could. I want me some good air conditioning! My fingers are crossed that we can sell this house for a good profit!

Easter was wonderful! We got to see a lot of family and Bentley got to have 3 egg hunts. He finally understood the egg hunting thing this year. It was fun to watch. Got to see all my grandparents for Easter as well. I love getting to see them. Grandma Gail played a couple games with Bentley after his egg hunt. He loved it to say the least! Many more happy days to come...