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Monday, October 25, 2010


I can't believe October is almost over. It seems like the time between July and September stretched on forever and ever waiting for our baby boy and now here it is almost November and the time just zipped by!! September and October have been busy months for us. With the arrival of Bentley and packing up our apartment to move into the house we were buying... The lack of sleep was not well timed. But the exciting news is that Joel and I are now home owners. We love love love it! We signed the papers on October 11th and got our keys 2 days later. Now we've finally gotten everything moved into the house... just not unpacked. Our kitchen is coming together. We had to buy a fridge and have been lucky enough to be getting a new stove/oven as well (apparently they are called a "range" when you buy both in one unit.. the technical things). Now I have a project for the kitchen I am hoping to get done soon. It's really fun to have your own home and to be able to do whatever you want to it. Didn't realize how much I was going to enjoy that part until I had ideas that I could actually try out. Bentley's room is closest to being done. So a little about our home. It's 1,942 sqft. and has 4 bedrooms, 2 bath rooms, a bonus room, living room, family room, kitchen/ dining room and a utility room. We love how close we are to family. Joel and I really enjoy being able to visit and spend time with them.

Bentley is growing up so quickly now. He's smiling and starting to look around a lot more. He follows movement and turns his head to watch you. He hasn't quite caught on to us calling his name yet but he seems to be getting close to understanding that much. It's fun to watch Joel interact with him. One time he called me into the living room and held Bentley's hand up (which was in a fist with his thumb between his middle and ring finger) and said "He's got my nose" with a big grin :) I love being a stay at home mom.