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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby #3

Well, I am almost 12 weeks into being pregnant with our 3rd baby and we are excited and oh so very nervous. After we saw the positive test, we both smiled really big and hugged and then I think almost immediately thought 'oh man, what did we do!' It was a little scary to go from 1 to 2 kids, but still seemed do-able. Now with the personalities of 2 individuals and a 3rd personality on the way, I am thinking how do people do it?! But- we are excited. A little baby is always fun.

Not fun- morning sickness. I have had this with each of my pregnancies and with each one the on-set was a little later and a little stronger. With Bentley, I sat around feeling nauseous but pushed through. With Jetta, I ended up getting pills to help curb the nausea and make my day do-able. With this little gummy bear (I call all my babies gummy bears when it's this early because that's what they always look like in the first ultrasound. Bodies with little nub arms and legs) anyways.. with this little one, I am so incredibly sick it isn't funny anymore. I am taking anti-nausea pills 3 times a day, B6, Unisom, and Zantac... It doesn't touch how sick I am. I remember with my first two saying "I don't throw up, but I sure want to." You won't hear me say that this time. I throw up plenty. Sometimes more than once a day. I can eat almost exactly 1/4 cup of food before I am SO full that it is going to just fall back out if I even think of bending over. I've already lost 6lbs. My poor children must feel neglected. Poor Joel is a single parent at night. 

Today I managed to drink about 4oz of apple juice, 1.5 slices of toast, 1/4 portion of ramen noodles, an entire glass of water, chewed on several orange slices, and started a 2nd glass of water before my stomach and abdomen were screaming to stop. I think this is the most I've managed to keep down in the past 3 days. Sigh... hungry tummy. It growls for food and then growls again if I give it any.

Here's to hoping for better days soon.