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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nanny 411!

Well excitingly enough, I have finally gotten a job. And so far it's been my dream job! I am a nanny for a couple who I've known for a few years. They just had their baby on February 10th, 2009. His name is Kelton Michael Hall. Kelton has been one of the two boys in my life for the bast couple months. Joel gets a little jealous but he's been okay. He doesn't admit it but he wants to have children of our own soon enough. I work mon-fri. The hours vary but I usually watch kelton right around 24hours a week. I've been his nanny since he was just under 3 weeks old. I guess that means I'm going on week 9 pretty soon here. It has been amazing to watch him grow though. His little legs are getting so strong and he's always curious to see the world. He wants to be held facing away so he can watch and he trys so hard to grab the little toys placed in front of him. He is 12 lbs now. Such a big boy. I'm building my mommy arms early you see... :) Other than my fav. job, I am doing well. The wedding is getting close.

Joel is still working at Loomis. It doesn't pay like we were hoping but its a good place and he wants to keep it through school. He likes the environment and the people. He's almost done with school. I think there's only 3 weeks left. I'm excited for that just because it means that the following week is our wedding. Joel does very well at balancing spending time with me and doing his homework. He usually has a few hours between school getting out and work so he tries to do most of his homework then, and leave the evenings open for me. What a sweet heat! I love him a ton.

The final good news is that I got to go through the temple for the first time last saturday. (April 25th) It was amazing!!! There are so many blessings offered and I just loved it. I went again yesterday with Janice and Jared (joel was at work) and can't seem to get enough of it. I plan to go as often as I can.. which I can really go everyday if I wanted. So I plan to go often. Either before or after the wedding, still not sure, Joel and I plan to make the trip to the twin falls temple for a session or two. I was just excited to finally go. I think that's all the updated for now. Oh wait, we did find an apartment that we both love. It's in boise near the mall. It's 2 bedrm 1bath, and about 1000 sq ft. We really like it! Hope everyone's doing well.

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