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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby blog #8

Today was supposed to be my last scheduled doctor appointment. My due date is Saturday and I swear it crept up on us somehow. I mean, literally the past 2 weeks, everyday I think "Is it today?" and find myself disappointed. I can't help but be anxious. Joel is back in school now so he doesn't get home until just before 7 at night. So basically my day consists of getting things done (which is usually by noon) and then sitting around waiting. I'm not a big fan of just sitting around waiting. It makes the days VERY long! I told Joel that I wanted to have the baby just so I would have something to do... My reasons for wanting to have him change quite often now. Boredom, uncomfortable, ready for baby, excitement... Luckily, the past couple days I have been working very hard at not going crazy. I tell myself "It won't be today" over and over so that finally when bedtime comes, I believe it. Good strategy so far. But back to my doctors appointment. I went in prepared that nothing had changed. Sure enough, nothing. 2 weeks ago he told me there was a possibility of waiting as long as the 17th before inducing. 13 days AFTER my due date... not what any 38 week woman wants to hear! He was kind enough to change this to "Well, schedule an appointment for next week. That will definitely be our last appointment. We won't wait longer than next weekend." : D yay! I have an ending date now. The 11th or 12th is the end of it. It's sad that I might still have a week and a half, but I am SO happy to have an end in sight. It makes the waiting a whole lot easier. Right now it feels like I will be pregnant forever (because it's happened so many times in the past... logic isn't there sometimes). And baby is still growing. For a few weeks there, he was staying pretty much the same. Maybe slightly bigger. But between last week and this week he grew a whole cm! :) (Doc measures from pubic bone to top of uterus each week to see growth) Now I just need to be prepared for whenever baby wants to come. Sooooooon :)

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