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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I seem to have a hard time writing more than once a month on my blog. My apologies to those who read this (if there are any).

I dread the beginning of school for Joel again. I have enjoyed having my dear husband home and I miss him a lot when he goes back to school. He leaves before I get up and gets home just in time for dinner, homework and bed. Not a lot of "us" time in there. But the good news is that he only has 3 semesters left and then he will have a BS in applied mathematics. woot woot.

Bentley has grown so much in the past couple weeks. He has changed from being a blob with likes and dislikes, to understanding his own actions an abilities more. He now reaches for objects held infront on him. Twice now he has stuck his little fingers into scalding hot food that his parents were trying to eat. He has discovered how to make different sounds and also that if he skips his whining cry and goes straight to his bloody murder cry that mommy comes right away. He is a very good sleeper. And by that I mean, lay him in his crib and he would put himself to sleep... But as learning goes, he has also decided that he doesn't want to do this anymore and resists the temptation. He will lay and cry and cry despite everyone knowing that is it well past his bed time. We think we're sneaky in putting him in his swing at this point. He still can't fight off the lulling motion and it takes all of 30 seconds for those little eye balls to shut. :)  Ah parenthood. The battle to be in control.

We gave him his first bites of cereal a couple nights ago. Baby cereal that is. He did NOT like it. He put up a good effort of covering his face as if to say "No more!" The squished dislike face was also a dead give-away. Is it bad that we enjoy seeing all these new reactions? "haha! give him another bite so I can take a picture" :) Gotta say... I think babies are meant for entertainment!

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