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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As of November 7, 2008 Joel and I are engaged. It was a wonderful memory that I'm sure neither of us will forget. I love reflecting on that night because he did such a good job of surprising me. It was truly the highlight of my weekend. My plan for that weekend was to stay in Twin Falls and get some studying done for tests that I had the following week so I wasn’t really planning on seeing Joel at all. Then he decided that waiting to see me just wasn’t on his list of things to do so he made the choice to come down here and hang out for a little. He had originally planned on only coming for Saturday but then it changed to coming Friday afternoon and leaving Saturday night. (I‘m thinking he was a little anxious :D ) On Friday we went on a date to Jonny Carinos all dressed up and looking nice. We had a lot of laughs including the fact that what I had ordered didn’t taste good at all and Joel traded me his since he eats pretty much everything. (He‘s so good to look out for me) Afterwards Joel said he wanted to go on a walk just so we could talk and have some privacy from my roommates. You’d think this would have made me suspicious but we went on walks all the time around Nampa so it didn’t even strike me as weird when he brought it up. We decided to walk around the Temple that’s here in twin and as we walked, we talked about how beautiful it was and how much we both looked forward to going there someday. That’s when Joel told me he had a question for me and got down on one knee. He asked me if I would marry him and I of course told him “yes”! Well actually I kind of stared at him in disbelief for a moment or two and then squeezed the yes part out. Haha. Afterwards we took a few pictures and called our family to tell them the news. Everyone was really excited for us. (I don‘t think it was a shock to either of our families or friends. Everyone saw it coming.) When we started talking about the proposal and its details I started to wonder how he'd kept it a secret. If you know Joel, you'd know he isn't good at keeping secrets at all. He said that up until the wednesday before that day he wasn't planning on proposing until the following weekend. He changed his mind because he knew that I was getting suspicious. And i was :D So I guess a spur of the moment decision was what it took for him to get it to work out the way he wanted. He did a good job in my mind. Now we'll both have that memory to reflect on. Now we are anxiously waiting for the day we get married. We’re still not certain when that will be but we’ll be sure to let everyone know. We just have to focus on finishing out the semester 150 miles apart and 37 days away.

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