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Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture time!

This last weekend Joel and I went and took engagement photos! Yes, we've only been engaged a week but hey, why not right?! Okay so the real story is that my sister is trying to put together a portfolio of photographs. She'd love to be a professional photographer. At any rate, she told us we'd make for great "subjects" and people to experiment on. Free pictures seemed like a fair deal so we had a blast with that. We took 189 photos within a 3 hour period. Joel is such a goof. He keeps things interesting and I love watching him. It just makes me laugh! But by the end we were out of ideas and hungry! We went out to eat with my sister, her husband Bob, and my parents. It was a fun new place in meridian (I'd be okay with never going there again :) ) It was a fun weekend though. I loved spending time with my new husband-to-be. :)


  1. You look so cute. I am excited for both of you. That is cool that you got the pictures for free. Is she going to do the wedding pictures also, if so that is a huge money saver. Are you coming home for Thanksgiving week if so we should do something with you guys. Well have a good week.

  2. great pics you guys! and for free!! super! hey did you get joel to sit thru 3 hours of photo taking? have alot to teach me! -tiffany