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Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby blog #6

I still can't believe that tomorrow will be the mark of 7 1/2 months done. I love how fast time is flying by, but at the same time it almost catches me off guard. This next week is my last monthly visit with the doctor and then we're down to bi-weekly! Only 8 weeks left now. I'm not counting or anything... :)  (ps... for those that are doing the calculations of 7.5 months and 8 weeks... doctors calculate your trimesters a little different. The last 6 weeks are all considered to be 1 month)

Tomorrow is also my baby shower. I am so super excited for it! My mom and sister have put lots of time into planning and I know it'll be nice. I'm excited to get things for Bentley but I'm also anxious to know what's left to get. Especially the big things. Hopefully someone gives us an adorable outfit that he can wear home from the hospital, because I haven't gotten anything for that yet and I think I'd put too much thought into if I had to go buy something. It's just clothes for a baby right? Oh and to have more things to put away in his room. Sigh. I go in the nursery once or twice a week and just stare at what we've got so far. I have a newborn outfit that I look at and try to imagine this little tiny being that will fit into it. I'm glad they start small because I honestly don't want to push a watermelon out. Nope. Not even a little.

Joel is getting more excited about having a baby. He touches my tummy in public a lot when talking to someone about coming events. Just his body language has changed. Before, he was more passive about the topic of having a baby and family. Now he seems to be thinking about it more. He's very in-tune with my needs and I can't tell you how grateful I am that he's so willing to do anything for me. Almost daily he is offering to rub my feet or back or legs. I am most achy at night while trying to fall asleep. I really appreciate him rubbing my back. I have this terrible feeling that I'm going to have back labor when the time comes. At least my hubby has gotten lots of practice in knowing what I like and don't like. He's going to be a really good "coach." I hear stories from other ladies about how their husbands act and react to similar situations. It makes me very grateful that Joel is my perfect other half. It's like he's willing to do all the things I'm unable to do. In recent weeks (especially days!) I appreciate that he shoves me up the stairs. My poor legs just aren't cooperating with me like I want them to... Which brings me to another point. I am getting to the stage where my body does not listen to what my brain wants it to do. Stand up. Roll over. Walk. Sit down. Eating... Where's my comfort zone? I know it only gets better so I have made it a personal goal to not complain about it. Its not like Joel can take the discomfort away, and I really don't feel better having ranted on and on about my discomfort. If I need something, I ask. But otherwise, life goes on. Can't keep entertaining my mental pity party. :)

I can't forget to mention how proud I am of Joel. He has been working full time and going to school full time since we have been married, and is doing so well! Not only has he gotten almost complete straight A's (1st B this last semester), he has also gotten a promotion at work and is doing an internship. I am so proud of you honey!! I know you will always provide for our family. I also have to give a lot of credit to God. Without his inspiration, there is no way we'd be where we are now. God willing, only good things to come!

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