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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby blog #7

Last night I ended up going to labor and delivery because I realized that I hadn't felt the baby move that day. It wasn't a normal day for me so I hadn't given it much thought. Anyways... I hadn't been feeling very good the past couple days. My back hurt a lot, and the night before I went in, I slept terribly. I kept waking up with a stomach ache. When I would get up to go pee, my stomach would be SO tight and it would take me a little to be able to stand up straight. So because I wasn't feeling baby move, doc said we needed to go to labor and delivery. Got there and they hooked me up to two machines. One to measure baby's heartbeat, and the other to see if I was having contractions. Sure enough- I was. Part of me felt justified and the other part was like, no no baby, too early. (only 33 weeks) Justified because on the way there he started moving, and because I had a suspicion it was contractions and it was nice to be confirmed and not just a guess.

One of the first questions the nurse asked me after that was, have you been outside a lot in the past few days. Yes. (we had just gotten back from camping that day for a family reunion) She checked my pee and I was definitely dehydrated. Apparently being dehydrated can start contractions. So I was officially admitted and they gave me an IV of fluids and a giant cup of water to sip on. They gave me 2 liters of fluids via IV in just over an hours worth of time. I had to PEEE. The good news is that it stopped the contractions and they were able to skip giving me a steriod shot to stop them and sent me home. We're keeping him in at least one more day. :) The only down side to the whole visit was that because I was a little dizzy and nauseas they gave me something in my first liter of fluids to help with it. I have no idea if it helped with either of those because about five minutes later, I was pretty much knocked out and sleeping. Couldn't keep my eyes open if I had wanted to. Oh and not only did the meds give me weird dreams, I talked out loud in responce to them AND had the most difficult time making it to the restroom to pee. I mean- I made it... but the walking wasn't the most coordinated. For a down side, being tired really isn't all that bad.

Baby is safe and I am still pregnant. All is well in our world.

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