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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bentley is crawling

Two days ago Bentley started really crawling. We have it on video. It was very exciting to watch.

Yesterday we were sitting together in our family room and Bentley was going crazy trying to catch Zedd (our cat). Zedd was very well behaved and let Bentley chase him for a while. Zedd would move away just a little bit and Bentley would chase him. When Bentley would catch him, Zedd would move away just a little bit again. We both enjoyed watching them a lot :) Bentley would get so excited that he would lift his left leg up too high and put his foot on the ground and push off of his foot. It was super fun to watch him get so excited.

Now that Bentley's crawling Chelsey went out and bought a gate (without measuring how wide our hall is). It is a little too small, but it should work ok with a little bit of cardboard or wood or something to make it fit.

Chelsey, I hope that I wrote enough for you :) I can't think of anything else to write.

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