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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This morning Bentley decided that he was going to be a little more adventurous and explore our home. For the most part he has just been crawling around in the room we set him down in. So while I was in the other room picking things up, I hear him talking to himself. Then I could tell he had made his way to the kitchen because when he talked, his voice had that little echo. And then he was silent. And we all know that silence is never a good thing with children because it means they're getting into things or being sneaky. Luckily I stopped what I was doing and started for the kitchen. I arrived just in time to see my baby land his head on the floor. It was pretty loud and he cried pretty good. Usually Joel and I try to react in such a way that he can "shake it off." But this time I could tell he'd done a good thing of it. About thirty seconds later a nice bump had already started. My poor baby's first bruise. And definitely not his last. So after being distracted, I went back to what I was doing and Bentley followed me. He crawled right to the gate and started pulling himself up. I've caught him standing in his crib only once so far and neither Joel or I has seen him actually stand by himself. But at that gate he acted like he'd done it a thousand times and then gave me the wicked little grin he has. And of course... topples over.... He's destined for multiple bruises today. It's the start of little boy-hood.

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