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Friday, October 14, 2011

My child

Bentley has been learning all sorts of new things lately. One of which stands out most vividly in my mind is his ability to throw a fit. The first fit he ever threw (I don't count crying a fit... more of a reaction to tired, hungry, bored... that type of thing) was of course, in the grocery store. I'm talking, intentional, trying to get attention stuff here. You know how you see those parents with the child throwing a fit in the store and you think, "what would I do?" Well here was my moment of glory to be the perfect parent with that perfect responce... I failed. I stared at my child like "Where are EARTH did you learn to do this?!" I say learn because until that point I was a firm believer that children get their habits from their parents' habits. So of course here is my child having his first real fit in public and I am in denial. No, not my child. He wouldn't do that. There's something wrong. HA! What is the cure to a child throwing a tantrum? There is no one action that yields the right result. I've learned over my last few weeks of experience that consistency is all I've got. When I don't know what to do... I stay calm and just let him get it out of his system. Several statements such as no, calm down, don't touch that, stay here, go to sleep, etc... are said. How do parents do it? How did mine do it? It's like taking a test and having no clue what the correct answer is. You're just constantly hoping that you're doing things the right way.

And that last comment brings me to another fun topic. Sleep. Bentley's been sleeping through the night since he was 9 months old. We'd put him in his bed, give him a pacifier (which he only uses at night), cover him with a blanket, shut his door and that was that. There was no crying. No screaming. No bursts of laughter. No constantly laying him back down. Where did I go wrong??? It was like, one day he woke up and decided that he was going to have a strong will of his own which included the fits and the fighting going to sleep. (No it was NOT due to immunizations) But, our journey into toddler-hood has begun. And so, as I'm told, the fun starts. :)

Don't get me wrong though. Bentley is the smartest, cutest little guy there ever was! To watch him learn amazes me. I am constantly surprised at the understanding he has of the world around him. Take for instance getting off furniture. We had taught him maybe two or three times to turn around and get off. One day out of no where I thought he was going to just fall of my in-laws trampoline. (which is 2ft at most off the ground) But no mistake, he ran to the edge, turned around and slid off... as if he'd done it a thousand times before. It just amazes me what children pick up.

Joel and I have found a lot of joy (and entertainment!) in raising Bentley. There isn't a day you don't smile and just appreciate the simpleness of his life. (and the complexity of the mess he can make!! I mean, wow!) Things stuffed behind the couch, in the couch, flushing the toilet, finding the cat-food bowl, pots and pans, ripping things, food on the floor, things smeared in his hair, the bite marks on the crib, always stuffing pacifiers behind the crib when he supposed to be falling asleep and laughing about it, the trail of kleenex's being pulled out of the box, baby wipes also fit in that category, the great discoveries made in the kitchen trash, the kitty who is no longer safe from child glee,..... must I go on? And the whole time I'm typing this I am smiling because it is wonderful to be a mom. My baby who never sits still, or stops gibbering, or knows how to keep his hands out of anything is the highlight of my life. A never boring, ever-changing day.

Here's to more fun filled days! ;)

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