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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sign Language

Since Bentley was 4 months old, I have been trying to teach him sign language. Nothing big, just simple stuff like food, more, all done, and please. My purpose in doing this was to give him a way of talking before he developed the ability to actually say the words. I've heard that it helps relieve some of the frustration for parent and child. Each time I offered him something at lunch or snack time I would say "Can you say please? please? please? please?" Of course making the sign for please each time. Nothing. Then I would help him make the sign and repeat. Nothing. Well last week my little man signed "more" out of no where. I didn't ask if he wanted more. Hadn't even worked with him on sign language at all that day. And here was 'more'. So I jumped on it and got all excited. Within a week my little guy has mastered 'more' and 'please' and we take every opportunity to ask and reward each effort. I have such a smart baby.

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