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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So Joel and I are starting a new work out together. Joel is trying to get into shape once again and me... well, lets just say that things are jiggling that I'm not used to. Who knew your butt could jiggle just from walking?! So we purchased "Insanity" and have committed to each other that we will do this for 30 days. Joel is going to exercise 6 days a week and I am shooting for 5 days.

We started on Monday. First day, you do a fitness test. Holy moly... the warm-up was enough for me to say I'm done, but then we had to do the actual fitness test. We were both exhausted. And poor Bentley heard us jumping around in the back of the house and was having a little panic attack in his bed. (We did it at night when kids were in bed. Seems to be our only free time.) Both of us had beat red faces and were EXHAUSTED! I mean, drag our feet and flop onto our beds after a quick shower. Yesterday the work-out was even harder. But... we didn't feel so awful after our work out. I even felt energized. Joel thought I was crazy. Maybe I didn't push hard enough?? Who knows, I did a LOT more than I ever thought I could and was happy with my efforts. Jetta wouldn't go to sleep at her normal time so she ended up watching us work out. She giggled a couple times when our eyes would meet, but mostly sat and played with her toys.

2 days down. 28 to go.

Now to start eating healthy to jump start this program. Making a Costco run tomorrow. Last night we thought a blended something or other sounded good. We don't have a blender and thought a food processor would be good enough. Word to the wise, not good enough. (unless you don't mind chunky everything) My gag reflex wasn't having it. Blender from Costco? I think yes :) I love Costco by the way.  I'm going to try to blog our experience in hopes that it will keep me motivated to keep going. So far so good.

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