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Friday, March 1, 2013

4 days down... 26 to go

Joel and I started 'Insanity' on Monday, February 25th. Our only free time when we are both home is either before the kids get up or after dinner. And lets face it, this mama isn't wasting precious sleep time exercising. So at night we exercise.

Yesterday was day 4 and the workout was called "Cardio Recovery"... What they meant to say is instead of doing everything as fast as we can (which is my interpretation of all other workouts thus far) we are going to do them moderately slow. And at first Joel and I were thinking, oh ya I can do this one! But then they want you to hold hard positions and "pulse". Pulse is like saying move oh so very slightly so that your legs BURN and yearn to stand or sit and not be BURNING. Needless to say, I think I got a better exercise from this "recovery" CD than I have from any other.

Oh and we bought a blender. Much much better! And we bought protein powder. (I never thought I would ever buy this in my life) We bought 2. One was from Walmart and was a vanilla flavor. YUCK! We couldn't add enough ingredients to hide that oh so awful after-taste. The second we purchased from Costco. Good 'ol Costco. It's chocolate flavor and of course double the size of our previous purchase. We had our fingers crossed we would like it because there was a lot of it. And success!! We both like it! We made a very simple shake last night after our recovery workout. (I still scoff at the 'recovery' part. ha... recovery) It was milk, blueberries, banana, chocolate protein powder and ice. Sounds a little weird but it was actually yummy.

Tonight will be my last workout until next monday. I'm shooting for 5 days a week, and Joel 6. Yesterday my calves were killer and I couldn't walk normally for the majority of the day. Today I feel much better. Except one of the muscles in my thigh. I think I pinched a nerve or something because it tingles in a not comfy kind of way. Oh well, more stretching I guess.

Still going strong.... Hopefully Monday finds me ready and willing to start again!

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