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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

House update...

After having our realtor over to talk about selling our house, we discussed price. Our realtor felt that to be able to get the price we wanted, we would probably have to wait 2-4 months. We decided that was fine, and hurried to get everything done so we could put it on the market. 2 weeks of busy busy.

Then, we stage our house (thanks mom for the help!) and the realtor comes to take photos. The next morning, our house is put up for sale. Day 1- 9am the house is listed online. By 7pm that night, our house had been looked at 3 times. Day 2- 5 people look at the house. We have 3 offers on the table. So uh... 2-4months turned into 2 days. We were not prepared for this. But we were excited! Plus, cash offer... Who pays cash for a house? lol.

So our house sells day 2 and we panic because there is nothing on the market that we want. I mean, nothing. We started looking at houses that might work or we could make work, and then decided that we would be settling if we chose any of those. Some houses we loved the location but hated the house, others, vice versa. A week of looking and not finding had me worried. It's not like buying a house is a quick thing. You can't pick one and move in a week later. So I was worrying that we would reach our houses closing date and have no where to go. We decided that if it came to that, we would get an apartment while we waited for our perfect home.

And then the perfect home came along! We've decided that my mother in law has a special talent. You see, when my SIL (Heather) told my MIL (Janice) that she wanted a house with some land and a place for her mother to live, Janice found their house. 3 acres, 2 houses on the land. Just what she wanted. So, when we mentioned that we wanted to move and our criteria. Janice kept her eyes and ears out and found our perfect home. A talent, really!

We are in the middle of buying this new home. Price negotiated, home inspection done, paperwork filled out. Now we wait on the appraisal and the finalization of our loan, yada yada. Yay! Our new home is about 200sqft smaller than our current home but is laid out well enough that we didn't notice or feel like it was smaller. I'm so excited. Now I just need to pace myself and not pack everything we own 4 weeks early :)

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