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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We made it!

My first semester of school since being married was a success! One of the biggest helps was trading babysitting with Jamie O. Once a week she would watch the kids for a couple hours so I could do homework, and then later I would watch hers so that she could volunteer at her kids' school.

Joel was the other big big big help. He put the kids to bed 4 nights a week by himself. Half of the time I would be able to sit and eat dinner with family before rushing off to school, the other half, my wonderful husband did by himself.

But we all made it!! My kids aren't permanently scarred, Joel's still alive, and I got decent grades. 2 A's and 1 B. Not too shabby.

The kids are growing SO much!
Jetta is a big talker!! Most popular words are Applesauce, sockies, mommy, daddy, all done, food, ... she can say so much, it's hard to think of everything. She also loves music. She could hum the ABC's before her first birthday! She loves to repeat music she hears. She hums a lot. She's also silly and doesn't open her mouth when she "talks" sometimes. It's a gutteral mm hmm mm mm.

Bentley is growing tall! Right now he LOVES Thomas the train, trains in general, construction vehicles, seeing the library being built, watching fighting cartoons with a good and bad guy, doing projects with mommy and being silly. He's a very silly boy. Right now he likes to talk silly. He'll stick his tongue out while he talks, or add a few syllables to everything. Anything to be silly. He is also testing his boundaries of who is in charge and ABSORBING everything he learns! The other day we went to a movie in the theatre because he made it 7+ days without an accident in potty training. At the beginning of the movie, staring at the screen he sees Earth and yells THATS A PLANET! WE LIVE ON THAT PLANET! So smart.

I love how well the kids play together. It's so much fun to see them laughing together and playing nicely together!

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