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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Here it is, January 1st of 2014. I once again have to get used to writing a different year on everything. Why is it so hard? Is it just me?

So many plans for the year. Joel and I are trying to use our passports before they expire. We are currently planning a trip to Germany in June. I am hopeful that all the pieces will fall into place so the trip can happen.

Measured how tall the kids are earlier tonight. In the last year, Bentley has grown close to 2 inches and Jetta a whopping 5! I know kids grow fast, but man, what a reminder of how fast that can be.

Jetta is talking so much. In the last couple days she has been saying (instead of signing) thank you. It's pretty cute the way she says it. I love this age when you can ask them to repeat lots of things and they'll actually do it. A few words she loves to say right now.
- appi-sa: apple sauce
- wa-er: water
- mi-ew: milk
- baa: ball
- mommIE: mommy (emphasis on the capitals)
- daddy: daddy
She doesn't love sitting still so I can fix her hair. Her hair is so long that it's constantly in her eyes so I try to do something to help. One trick that seems to help is to count the number of times I wrap the pony-tail in her hair. Its usually 2-4 times depending on the rubber band I use. BUT... cool moment... I was fixing her hair so once a couple days ago and started the usual 1... and she chimed in "TWO THREE FOUR!" Her words were clear and understandable and I was so proud! My baby counting with me at 18 months. I'm positive she has no clue what it means. But that she memorized the order of numbers and was so proud of herself as she did it... It was pretty cute!

I was taking Bentley and Jetta out for lunch a few weeks ago and pretty much any time we leave the house, Bentley is positive it is for the purpose of "seeing the Library being built." He doesn't understand why it's taking so long. Obviously the "tractors" and "cranes" are not working fast enough. Back to my story. We're going out for lunch and Bentley says to me "can we go see the Library being built?" to which I respond "Not today buddy, we aren't going that way. We're going to get lunch". He then responds in a very confused voice "But how can we eat lunch if we don't see the Library being built?".... "uhhh...we just do." We have some pretty interesting conversations sometimes. Favorite game right now is hide and seek. I can't blame him. I love it too. He's terrible at it... For one, you're not supposed to announce where you hide. 2. You're not supposed to immediately hide where ever you find mom or dad during their turn. 3. You're also not supposed to talk to the seeker while they are searching for you. We'll work on it. He's better than when we started. :) The saying Planes, Trains and Automobiles... ya... that's my kid. Except his would be Trains, Planes (the movie) and Construction Vehicles.

School starts towards to the end of January. I'm not sure how I feel. During finals week I was NOT looking forward to another semester. Now I'm feeling like it's do-able but do I want to. Joel is preparing for another actuary test. We're a fun group.

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