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Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Years

5 years ago today, Joel and I got married in the Boise, Idaho LDS Temple. It's incredible that 5 years have come and gone. It went so fast! I'm grateful that I married this man for eternity and not just 'until death do us part'. He is my best friend and my biggest ally. He is my better half and a wonderful dad. We've grown a lot in our time together. Who wouldn't after 5 years of spending time together. I have not once wanted to divorce this man and I don't see myself ever wanting to.

I'm really glad he decided to be bold that one day in Band and tell me he liked me... even though I was dating someone. :) He is ornery, smart, a goofball, funny, and handsome. It's fun to have known and been friends with him for 7 years before we finally got engaged. We dated for a total of 6 months before we were engaged.

Joel- I'm glad I accidentally told you that I loved you. That will always be a special memory.

Here's to another year of happiness and time together on earth! I hope we get many!
Love- me

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