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Monday, June 30, 2014

Jetta's 2nd Birthday

So here's a rare blog post from Joel. Chelsey likes to make blog posts and see how long it takes me to notice them, so now we'll see how she likes it. Also, I had to change the password to log in and make this post, so sorry honey!

Yesterday we had Jetta's 2nd birthday party. Afterwards Bentley went to Grandma Janice's for a sleepover with his cousin Evan (who is visiting from Texas), so for an hour or so we only had one kid to watch at home. Jetta was so distracted/happy with her new birthday presents that we just sat there and watched her. I cannot believe how big she is getting, and how indescribably cute she is. I love Bentley, I really do. I wouldn't trade him or my time with him for the world. I love wrestling with him, playing with his cars and tractors, watching spider-man with him, and fixing things with him. I love his enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and general joy in life. I love my son. But boy is my daughter adorable. I do not know if I will be able to say no to her when she's older. She is just so cute that I could hug her all day long and still want to hug her longer. Her hair is getting longer, she's getting taller, and she's talking more. Her voice is adorable! She says the cutest things sometimes; even when she's mad and throwing a fit she's cute. I am very happy to have a boy and a girl, because so far I've gotten the best of both worlds. I get to roughhouse with my son and see how cute my daughter is. This third child will be interesting. If it's a boy, then we'll be a "boy family", and if it's a girl, then a "girl family". I'm very curious to know which we'll be, and how the opposite gender will handle it (the girls will probably use either one as an excuse for more shopping and clothes buying).

I love my children, and I hope that I can continue to give them all of the time and attention that they deserve.

I love my wife as well. She is handling this pregnancy really well, especially for how miserable it's been making her. She's been sick a lot, and she hasn't had a lot of energy. Still she is a great mom to two young children, even though I know most days she wishes she could just stick them in front of the TV for the whole day. Chelsey is so beautiful. I love watching how happy certain things make her. Things like hanging up new pictures in our house, buying a new scent for our wick-less candles, or doing a craft of some sort. I am so happy that I get to spend forever with my best friend. She is so good to me, and for me. She probably deserves better than me, but I do what I can. She gives the best advice of anyone that I know. Literally every big decision that I've made that ended up well came from her (working at ClickBank, getting 2 internships with different departments there, calling someone up at Blue Cross and getting a job out of it, and probably lots of others I can't remember). She is definitely wise beyond her years!

I hear people talking about wanting to move further away from their parents and in-laws, and I never quite understand them. We have a great relationship with my parents and with Chelsey's. I am comfortable going over to her parent's house and just being there, and I know that Chelsey is fine going to my parent's house to hang out. I love having a good relationship with both sets of parents. I think it makes life a lot more enjoyable (the free babysitting probably helps that). I am also very excited that my children get to grow up with two active and loving sets of grandparents who live close by.

In conclusion, I love my wife and family. I love my job (I would have talked about that more, but Chelsey tells me it's boring). I'm excited for what the future holds, and I'm excited to go through it with the people who are currently in my life.

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