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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Talking toddlers

Cute things my kids have said lately

Bentley- "Mom, when you drink juice, does the baby drink it too?" 
Me- thinking to keep it simple "Yes" 
Bentley- "Does the baby open it's mouth?" 
Me- again, thinking to keep it simple "Yes" 
Bentley- "How does the baby keep it from getting all over his clothes?"
Me- surprised- "the baby isn't wearing any clothes yet buddy. Babies don't wear clothes until they are born"
Bentley- "But isn't the baby cold?"
Me- smiling and wondering how complicated this must sound to him "No, babies are nice and warm in their mommy's tummies."
Bentley- "oh... well he can have some of my clothes someday."

As I was laying Jetta down for a nap, I agreed that she could bring her Minnie Mouse figurine to bed. I tuck her in to sleep and say 'Goodnight Jetta'. As I walk towards the door, she lays Minnie on her pillow and whispers "Goodnight Minnie." It was pretty adorable. 

We stopped at the In-laws house before church really quick so that I could print something off for a lesson. Bentley and my mom-in-law are discussing racing and who is going to beat whom to church. As we are driving out of the driveway Bentley says "We're going to WIN! We're going to eat our own dust! But not with our teeth, with the car." Obviously he was referring to the phrase 'Eat my dust' when racing, but we got a great laugh out of that one.

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